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What does the Omega-3 Index Test Cost?

The Omega-3 index test was invented 17 years ago by Dr Bill Harris, lipid researcher and Prof Dr Clemens von Schacky, a cardiologist. 

Both Harris and Schacky attended the American Heart Association meeting. At the conference they had this idea to measure the Omega-3s EPA & DHA in red blood cells (RBC) instead of the traditional method of analysing the Omega-3 EPA & DHA in plasma (liquid portion of the blood).

The problem with measuring plasma is it’s not an accurate representation of how much Omega-3 EPA and DHA are in the body’s tissues and organs. For example, if the person ate salmon for dinner the previous night, then their Omega-3 EPA & DHA in plasma will be high but that doesn't mean it will be high in their tissues and organs. Unfortunately, if you visit your doctor, they are still measuring the Omega-3 EPA & DHA in plasma. 

The advantage of measuring the RBC is there's a direct correlation between the amount of Omega-3 EPA & DHA in RBC & tissues and organs. There are many scientific publications including a study from Harvard University where they measured the amount of Omega-3 EPA & DHA in your heart and compared to the amount of Omega-3 EPA & DHA in your RBC and there’s a direct correlation.

In 2004, they published a scientific paper in the journal Preventive Medicine where they proposed the "Omega-3 Index" as a new biomarker for cardiovascular death (heart health). This was the birth of the Omega-3 Index.

Now, more than 17 years since they invented the at home omega-3 index test kits, there are more than 300+ scientific publications on the omega-3 index and it’s the most widely used test to get your omega-3 status or levels. 

Initially the focus was to use the Omega-3 Index for research purposes but over the years, the company developed at home test kits where the consumer could easily do the test from the convenient of their home. This saves both money and time – rather than booking an appointment at the doctors to get a referral to a pathology lab, who will need to draw blood to send off to analysis – even then they only report the amount of Omega-3 in plasma – which is not the same as RBC.

Vitamin Test Kits provides three different Omega-3 Index Kits: Basic, Plus or Complete and we provide consumers with the lowest price from AUD $59.95 or USD $49.95. 

Omega-3 Index Basic  -- The proportion of omega-3s EPA and DHA of total fatty acids in a red blood cell membrane, measured from a dried blood spot. The desirable range of 8-12% is appropriate for the general adult population. 

Omega-3 Index Plus -- Includes the Omega-3 Index, Omega Ratios (total omega-6/omega-3 and arachidonic acid (AA)/EPA), Trans Fat Index (measure of industrially produced trans fats in whole blood), and dietary tables. Results are appropriate for the general adult population. 

Omega-3 Index Complete -- Includes the Omega-3 Index, Omega Ratios, Trans Fat Index, and the whole blood levels of 24 individual fatty acids (including EPA, DHA, alpha-linolenic acid, linoleic acid, arachidonic acid, etc.) and dietary tables. Results are appropriate for the general adult population.

The Omega-3 Index is sold in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea and Japan. All of the analysis in Asia Pacific region is performed in Australia. We provide a “replied paid envelope” for the sample collection card so there are no additional cost to you. All results are emailed electronically.


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