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What fish has the highest Omega-3 content?

Omega-3 EPA & DHA are essential and can only be obtained through our diet. Unfortunately our western diet doesn’t contain a lot of omega-3 but one of the best sources of foods rich in Omega-3 EPA and DHA is salmon. According to the health foundation, they recommend that you eat fatty fish like salmon (or tuna) at least twice a week. 

Salmon, like tuna, is an expensive protein source (other protein sources like meat or chicken are so much cheaper but are very very low on Omega-3 EPA & DHA) so how realistic is it to expect everyone to eta salmon twice a week? As an alternative, its recommend that you head down to your local grocery or pharmacy store and buy omega-3 supplements (fish oil, algae oil or krill oil). This is one sure way of making sure that you maintain a high omega-3 status to protect you from various lifestyle diseases including cardiovascular disease at a low price-point. 

Fish with high Omega-3 EPA & DHA content include salmon, tuna, anchovies, herring, mackerel and cod


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