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What does the Omega-3 Index Test Cost?

The Omega-3 index test was invented 17 years ago by Dr Bill Harris, lipid researcher and Prof Dr Clemens von Schacky, a cardiologist.  Both Harris and Schacky attended the American Heart Association meeting....

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Can you take too much Vitamin D?

A majority of vitamin d supplement contain less than 1,000 IU of vitamin d and the typical serving dose is one capsule per day.  Vitamin D does have an upper-limit -...

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Omega-3 Deficiency Symptoms

When our bodies do not get enough omega-3 EPA and DHA, deficiencies develop which can lead to significant health problems. Some diets and eating plans can make you prone to this...

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Vitamin D - Why do we need it?

Your body must have vitamin D to absorb calcium and promote bone growth. You also need vitamin D for many other important body functions.  Vitamin D deficiency has been linked...

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Why you need more Vitamin D in winter!

During winter there is increase risk of vitamin d deficiency and infections. We need vitamin D to maintain our health and to fight infections. And being winter, when people need vitamin...

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Omega-3 benefits for kids

Omega-3 are important for early life development. From the age of 2 years old, the brain grows most of its weight, but it develops fully throughout childhood and adolescence. During...

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